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Eligibility for Training Work Permit

You can apply for Training Work Permits for eligible foreign trainees to go for practical training in Singapore. The number you can hire is limited by a quota, and you may have to pay a levy for them.

Who is eligible

As an employer, you can apply for a Training Work Permit (TWP) for:

  • Semi-skilled or unskilled employees from related overseas companies to undergo training in Singapore.
  • Foreign students studying in educational institutions in Singapore. The training must be part of their course requirements.

All Training Work Permits are valid for up to 6 months.

Levy and quota

If you are bringing in employees from overseas on a TWP in your business sector:

If you are hiring foreign students on a TWP:

  • They are not subject to levy.
  • The number of TWP holders you can hire is 5% of your total workforce or 15 trainees, whichever is lower. This 5% is in addition to your company's quota for foreign workers.

From 1 September 2018, if you hire foreign students on a TWP in your business sector, you will: 

  • Need to pay for foreign work levy at the lowest monthly rate for your sector 
  • Have the number of students hired capped at your company's foreign worker quota.

Security bond

You need to get a security bond for each non-Malaysian TWP holder.

A medical examination is not required for TWP holders.