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Key facts on Training Work Permit

Get an overview and key facts about the Training Work Permit for foreign trainees or students to undergo training in Singapore.

Pass facts

Key facts about the Training Work Permit (TWP) for foreign trainees:

Who it is for Eligible unskilled or semi-skilled foreign trainees or students on practical training in Singapore for up to 6 months.
Who can apply An employer needs to apply for the permit.
Qualifying salary No minimum required.
What is the duration Up to 6 months.
Is it renewable


Foreign employees from related overseas companies cannot get another TWP until 6 months after the last one expires or gets cancelled.

Foreign students can only be granted a TWP once.

Passes for family Not available.
Quota and levy Employers may be subject to quota and levy for each Work Permit holder.
Medical insurance Employers must provide medical insurance.
Relevant legislation Conditions of Work Pass
Employment of Foreign Manpower Act
Related eServices and forms Access online services and forms for Work Permit.