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Documents required for Training Work Permit

You need to submit documents such as an employer's letter along with the Training Work Permit application.

You will need to submit these documents for a Training Work Permit application:

  • A copy of the trainee's passport
  • A letter from the local employer stating:
    • That the company will be responsible for sending the trainee back to their home country once the training is completed.
    • The training purpose and duration.
    • The detailed training plan.

For trainees employed by a foreign company, the employer's letter should also include:

  • The relationship between the local and overseas company (e.g. subsidiary, associate, joint venture, customer, sub-contractor).
  • Documents to show the relationship between the local and overseas company (e.g. annual reports, tax invoices, contracts).

For foreign students, you need to also submit:

  • A copy of their student pass.
  • A letter stating:
    • Field of study.
    • Course duration.
    • Course registration date and expected graduation date.
    • That training is part of the course requirement.
    • Required training period.