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Avoid using Internet Explorer to access this eService as it causes slowness.

Transactions you can perform using myMOM Portal 

We are moving transactions from EP Online to myMOM Portal in phases:

Transactions When you can perform the transactions using myMOM Portal
  • Apply for an EP, S Pass, Dependant's Pass, Long-Term Visit Pass or Letter of Consent
  • Renew an EP or S Pass
  • Issue a pass (for all pass types, except Work Permit)
  • Cancel a pass (for all pass types, except Work Permit)
Other pass-related transactions (e.g. apply for a Training Employment Pass, renew a Dependant's Pass or Long-Term Visit Pass)  To be announced

What is myMOM Portal?Show

myMOM Portal allows business employers or employment agents to centrally access MOM eServices and view transactions with one login. Find out more about myMOM Portal.

What can I do in myMOM Portal?Show

myMOM Portal provides at-a-glance information of your workforce and work pass holders and lets you complete transactions faster.

Some features include:

  • Charts
    See an overview of your company’s workforce and work pass information.
  • Customisable bookmarks
    Access your favourite eServices easily.
  • Manage user's access
    Manage EP Online account users' access and update their contact details.

Work Passes

  • List of new and existing work pass holders
    See each applicant’s pass status and relevant next steps in the application process.
  • List of work pass records
    Filter by pass type, date range.

Workforce profile

Get insights from MOM survey data to help with your workforce planning and hiring decisions.

  • Salary benchmarking tool
    Compare median salary across occupations and industries.
  • Industry data on job benefits
    View benchmarks of non-monetary benefits offered within different industries, such as leave and flexi work arrangements.

How do I access myMOM Portal?Show

Refer to our onboarding guide.

Who is eligible to be an EP Online Administrator or User?Show

Any of the following person is eligible to be the Administrator or User:

  • A business owner. You must be a Singapore citizen, Singapore permanent resident or hold an EntrePass under this company.
  • An employee of a registered business. You must be a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident.
  • A foreign employee of a registered business. You must hold an Employment Pass, Personalised Employment Pass (PEP), or S Pass issued under this company.
  • Outsourced party performing transactions on behalf of their client (e.g. HR consultancy services or Secretariat firms, excluding employment agencies). The client must submit the authorisation form before applying access for the outsourced party.

What is the difference between an Administrator and a User?Show

The Administrator can:

  • Perform work pass transactions in EP Online and myMOM Portal.
  • Grant access to the company’s employees as EP Online Users.
  • Terminate Users’ access if they leave the company or no longer need access.

You should appoint a second administrator. This will minimise any disruption to your business in case one of the administrators is not around or leaves the company.

Check if you can access myMOM PortalShow

To access myMOM Portal to apply for an EP, S Pass, Dependant's Pass or Long-Term Visit Pass, ensure both conditions are met:

  1. You must be an active Corppass Admin or User.

    Ensure myMOM Portal is listed as one of your assigned eServices. Otherwise, contact your Corppass Admin User or Sub-Admin User to assign the eService to you.

  2. You must be an active EP Online Administrator or User.

    If you are not an active EP Online Administrator or User, contact your EP Online Administrator to add you through ‘Manage User Access’ in myMOM Portal. If you only have 1 EP Online Administrator and the person has already left the company, you must submit a request to change administrator immediately.

    Don’t have a EP Online account? Register online.

What are the browser requirements?Show

For the best user experience, please use any of these browsers and enable JavaScript:

  • Chrome version 81 or higher (recommended)
  • Firefox version 75 or higher
  • Edge version 81 or higher
  • Safari version 13.1 or higher

You should not use Internet Explorer as it causes slowness.

How do I perform transactions using myMOM Portal?Show

Refer to our user guide and FAQs.

What payment methods can I use to pay for work pass administrative fees?Show

You can pay with:

  • GIRO
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex