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eService operating hours

Transactions Availability
Check online account registration or business activity declaration status Every day, except 3am to 4am
Register for an online account or declare your business activity Monday to Saturday: 8am to 10pm, except public holidays

Guide to register for an online account

What you need to register for an online account

If you are registering for You will need
Work Permit Online account to make Work Permit-related transactions
Employment Pass eService account to make S Pass-related transactions
Employment Pass eService account to make Employment Pass-related transactions  Corppass

How to check if you can access WPAR

You must be authorised in Corppass to access WPAR.

To check if you have been authorised:

  1. Log in to your Corppass account.
  2. Go to assigned eServices tab. You should see Work Permit Online (WPOL) and Work Pass Account Registration (WPAR) listed as one of your assigned eServices. Otherwise, please get your Corppass Admin User or Sub-Admin User to assign the eService to you.

If you are appointing an outsourced party to be your account Administrator, please submit the authorisation form before applying for an account. 

If you are registering for You will need to
An account for your client’s company Log in and register at WP Online > Apply > Declaration of Business Activity / Account Registration
An Employment Agency account to transact on behalf of your client Submit this online form

To register for an account to transact for your own employment agency, please refer to "For companies" tab.


Why do I need to register for an online account?Show

By having an online account, your company can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access ‘Check and pay levy’ eService to make Foreign Worker Levy payment.
  • Prevent unauthorised transactions by allowing you to track and monitor work pass transactions made by your employment agency.
  • Receive timely updates on MOM’s policies or process changes which may affect your foreign employees.

What is the difference between an Administrator and a User?Show

The Administrator can:

  • Perform work pass transactions in myMOM Portal, EP eService and WP Online.
  • Grant access to the company’s employees as EP eService and WP Online Users.
  • Terminate Users’ access if they leave the company or no longer need access.

How many users can I appoint to access my company's online account?Show

You can appoint up to 2 Administrators and 4 Users.

How long will registration take?Show

Your request will be processed or given an update within 1 week.

I have registered my company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). When can I register for an online account?Show

For newly registered companies with ACRA, the Unique Entity Number (UEN) profile will be automatically updated in our records within 2 weeks. Please register for an account after that and the request will be processed within 1 week.