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Cancel a Personalised Employment Pass

You need to cancel your Personalised Employment Pass if you are unemployed for more than 6 months. Once cancelled, please cut your pass card in half and discard it to prevent misuse. 

At a glance

When to cancel the pass

If you are unemployed for more than 6 months.


  • Once the pass is cancelled, you will not be able to reinstate it.
  • If you become a Singapore permanent resident, you don’t need to cancel your pass. It will be cancelled automatically. 
Who can cancel You or your employment agent  
How long it takes Cancellation is immediate 


  • You don’t have to cancel the pass each time you change employers. You only need to notify us.
  • Your employer must seek tax clearance from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) at least 1 month before you leave the job.
  • For an overview of scheduled flights, you can visit Changi Airport’s website or use the iChangi mobile app. Please check with the airlines directly to confirm if the flights are still operating.
  • If you have left Singapore permanently, you must cancel the pass within 1 week from your departure date.
  • Once your pass is cancelled, all the related Dependant’s Passes, Long Term Visit Passes, Letters of Consent and Work Permits for your family will also be cancelled.
  • You must cut your pass card in half and discard it to prevent misuse. As we need time to change the instructions in our eServices, pass cards and letters, please ignore any instructions to return the card. Please bear with us while we work on this.

How to cancel

To cancel the pass:

  1. Log in to EP Online and cancel the pass. Cancellation is immediate and a 30-day Short Term Visit Pass will be generated if you are still in Singapore.
  2. Print the STVP. You must show the STVP and a valid passport to the immigration officer when leaving Singapore.

To cancel the pass, log in to EP Online and cancel it.