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What is SGSecure@Workplaces

SGSecure@Workplaces aims to strengthen the vigilance and resilience of workplaces to withstand terror attacks, and other situations that may adversely affect the harmonious working relationships at our workplaces.

At a glance

Related eService Register your SGSecure rep

What is it

The terrorism threat to Singapore is constantly evolving. Businesses, being the key driver of Singapore’s economy, need to be prepared and stay resilient in the face of terror attacks.

Together with our partners, MOM organises and develops various initiatives to equip workplaces with relevant knowledge and skills to deal with terror attacks.

As an employer, you play an important role in raising your organisation’s preparedness. You can start now by taking these 4 easy steps.

#1 Step 1 - Register your SGSecure rep Register your SGSecure rep.
#2 Step 2 - Download the SGSecure app Get all your employees to download the SGSecure app.
#3 Step 3 - Brief your employees on emergency escape routes Brief your employees on the emergency escape routes.
#4 Step 4 - Download advisories Download the Run · Hide · Tell and Press » Tie » Tell advisories.