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What is SGSecure@Workplaces

The threat of terrorism to Singapore is constantly evolving. Businesses, being the key driver of Singapore’s economy, need to be prepared and stay resilient in the face of terror attacks. 
As a member of the workforce, you play a key role in raising workplace awareness on the possibility of terror attacks, as well as increasing preparedness levels.

SGSecure@Workplaces aims to strengthen the vigilance and resilience of workplaces to withstand terror attacks, and other situations that may adversely affect the harmonious working relationships at our workplaces.

Take 5 easy steps to raise your organisation's preparedness today.

#1 Step 1 - Register your SGSecure rep Register your SGSecure Rep and subscribe to our monthly bulletin.
#2 Step 2 - Download the SGSecure app Get all your employees to download the SGSecure app.
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#3 Step 3 - Brief your employees on emergency escape routes Brief your employees on the emergency escape routes.
#4 Step 4 - Download advisories Download the Run · Hide · Tell and Press » Tie » Tell advisories.
#5 Step 5 - Equip your workplace with SGSecure knowledge Equip your workplace with SGSecure knowledge through training materials and attending events.

Fundamentals of SGSecure@Workplaces

Crisis preparedness is critical to minimise loss of lives and profits. To complement the busy lifestyles of employees and employers in this day and age, we have simplified the crisis preparedness process into 3 foundational lessons for SGSecure representatives, such as yourself.

You may learn more on the fundamentals of SGSecure@Workplaces by clicking the links below:

Here are more resources on the 3Ps strategy

Prepare your workforceShow

You may take steps to train your employees and ready your workforce to react to a terror attack. This will minimise loss of lives and disruptions to business operations.


Train your employees and colleagues so that they can respond effectively in a crisis.

Team of responders

Identify and develop a team of responders with relevant skills to minimise damage and loss after a crisis.

Build a cohesive workforce

Build a cohesive workforce that is resilient against attacks and can recover quickly after a crisis.


Download and display the posters at your workplace. You may also hand them to your co-workers to sensitise them to a terror threat.


Print and distribute during security drills. You may also download and hand them to your co-workers to sensitise them to a terror threat.

Staying alert, staying united, staying strong

Also available in Bengali, Mandarin, and Tamil.

Protect your workplaceShow

You may take steps to build resilience into the physical and digital infrastructure of your business, and ensure business continuity even after a terror attack.

Physical protection measures

Implement physical protection measures for your workplace.

Manage risks

Manage your workplace safety and security risks.

Partner your communityShow

Here are the resources you may use to create networks to help your organisation communicate information swiftly during crisis.

Enhance communication capabilities

Educational information and guides

Learn more on the various SGSecure@Workplaces topics through training videos and industry-specific guides to be sensitised to the threat of terrorism and be better prepared at handling them.

Educational resources here

SGSecure Guides

SGSecure Guide for WorkplacesShow

Icon - SGSecure guide for workplaces

Download our SGSecure Guide for Workplaces as a go-to guide for tips and resources to raise preparedness levels at your workplace.

Also available in Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil.

Retail, food & beverage (F&B) Sector GuidesShow

Hotel Sector GuideShow

Read about how employers and their employees are enhancing workplace preparedness under SGSecure@Workplaces.