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Fostering Greater Mental Resilience

Here are useful tips and tools that you can use as employers to foster a more resilient organisation, allowing your workforce to quickly adapt to disruptions and continue operations during and after crises. 

Critical incidents

It is imperative for businesses to identify the characteristics of critical incidents early and recognise the impact they have on the workforce. Early identification of critical incidents allows you to better formulate your business continuity plans, while simultaneously maintaining a resilient workforce.

The iWorkHealth tool

As an employer, you are encouraged to use the iWorkHealth tool to assess the psychosocial health of their employees. This self-assessment tool helps businesses glean insights into potential workplace stressors that may affect employees.

Strategies for a more resilient organisation

Build greater workforce resilience by employing strategies such as fostering wellness within each employee, building connections, and creating a culture that allows others to seek help when needed. Employing these strategies allow you to foster resilience on three levels – self, team, and the business organisation.

Strategies for greater employee engagement

Studies have shown that businesses that were able to bounce back from crises often possess attributes such as trustworthiness and adaptability, and other traits associated with positive workplace relations. Incorporating these attributes into your business structure, coupled with having greater employee engagement, allows your workforce to be better positioned at overcoming disruptions in times of crises.

Self-Care tips

Self-care enables individuals to manage stress better. This can be beneficial for you and your employees in times of crises. Self-care can also play a role in maintaining overall mental health during peacetime. Some tips you can use to help improve your workforce’s well-being at work through self-care.

To find out more about fostering workforce mental well-being and resilience, visit the Changi General Hospital’s TRaCS website. Alternatively, you may email or call 6426 8933.

Additional training materials

Learn more about Psychological First Aid (PFA) to better aid your colleagues and employees when a crisis hits.

You may also refer to Tripartite Advisory on mental well-being at workplaces for more info.

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