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Who can register Employer or employee.
What you need
  • A Corppass account. Apply for a Corppass account if you don’t have one.
  • Your SGSecure Rep will need to verify their mobile
    number and email address at the point of registration.
How long it takes Registration is immediate.
It may take 5-10 mins to fill up the registration form.

You should register your SGSecure rep so that you can be updated on the latest SGSecure information and be the point of contact with the authorities in times of crises. An effective rep should be:

  • Proactive, resourceful and passionate about security and safety.
  • Able to rally fellow co-workers.
  • Able to work under pressure.

Your SGSecure rep’s role is to:

  • Advocate for SGSecure preparedness in peacetime.
  • Lead in the implementation of SGSecure initiatives by using the SGSecure Guide for Workplaces to raise preparedness against terrorism.
  • Be informed of the latest SGSecure updates.
  • Activate business continuity plan in crises.
  • Point of contact with MOM in crises.

How do I de-register or remove an SGSecure rep?Show

To replace an existing SGSecure rep, you can:

  1. Log in using Corppass.
  2. Choose "Replace an existing SGSecure Representative".

If your company has ceased operations, you can email us at to de-list existing SGSecure reps.

How do I check my company's SGSecure reps' details?Show

Email us at for details on the SGSecure reps in your company.

How do I edit the details of my company's SGSecure rep?Show

  1. Log in using Corppass.
  2. Choose “Replace an existing SGSecure Representative”. You can use this option to edit the details of your SGSecure rep, even if the appointed rep has not changed.

You may refer to the user guide for more info.