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Sending a migrant domestic worker (MDW) home

When your MDW's employment ends, you need to complete certain steps before she departs for her home country/region.

Before you send your helper home:

  • Settle all outstanding employment issues that she may raise, including salary payment. 
  • Ensure she has a valid passport. 
  • Discuss with her and agree on the following in writing before buying an air ticket:
    • Transit arrangement, such as connecting flights and layover hours
    • Allowance needed to sustain her during the transit
  • Buy her an air ticket and pay for any connecting transport costs to the international port of entry in her home country/region nearest to her hometown. Her departure date must be within 2 weeks from the Work Permit cancellation. 

    You must pay for her air ticket and it must include check-in luggage. To avoid disputes, please get her to acknowledge the transport payment from you in writing.