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Resolving disputes with an FDW or employment agency

During employment, you might encounter disputes with your foreign domestic worker (FDW) or employment agency. You can get help.

Disputes with your FDW

Disputes with your FDW might arise because of misunderstandings and differing expectations.

When these happen, you should first try to resolve them with your FDW. Even if there is suspicion that she might have committed a misdeed, you must not take matters into your own hands by punishing her. You must report any criminal matters to the authorities.

You can also give feedback on your FDW for other prospective employers to view.

Disputes with your employment agency

Your employment agency is required to disclose its dispute resolution mechanism to you. If you have a contractual dispute or are unhappy with the employment agency’s service, these issues should be resolved according to the agreed dispute resolution mechanism.

If it is a dispute over the service agreement which cannot be resolved through mediation, you could consider consulting the Small Claims Tribunals.