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Lets MOM monitor foreign workers’ health, and allows foreign workers to get prompt medical help if they’re unwell.


Available for iOS and Android.

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What is FWMOMCare

FWMOMCare was released on 18 May 2020, and was developed by MOM to primarily monitor foreign workers’ health status. This will help MOM to better manage and plan deployment efforts of our officers and medical teams.

It also lets foreign workers who are unwell get prompt medical consultation with its 24/7 telemedicine service.

The app will be continuously improved. New and useful features for foreign workers will be rolled out in phases. Improvements will include our latest advisories and events.

FWMOMCare - Select language

FWMOMCare - Hello

FWMOMCare - Call a doctor

How to use FWMOMCare

Watch the step-by-step user guide video in English, Bengali, Mandarin and Tamil.

Monitor your health with FWMOMCare

Learn how workers can monitor their health with FWMOMCare. Watch the video in English, Bengali, Mandarin and Tamil.

Get help

Read the step-by-step user guide.

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