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The FWMOMCare mobile app contains features that makes it convenient for migrant workers to seek help or find out more information on issues and news affecting migrant workers. 


Available in App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery.

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For instructions on registering for an account and learning about the various FWMOMCare features, read the step-by-step user guide

The guide is also available in:

Get help with common FWMOMCare app issues via our Self-Help Portal.

View the privacy policy governing the use of FWMOMCare.

What is FWMOMCare

FWMOMCare was released on 18 May 2020 to serve as a platform to monitor migrant workers' health status. This helped us to better manage and plan deployment efforts of our officers and medical teams. 

Since then, FWMOMCare has rolled out new and useful features to make the app a convenient platform for migrant workers. 

Through the app, workers can access many functions such as: 

  • Request to speak to an MOM officer
  • Report unsafe workplace practices
  • Seek medical assistance through telemedicine
  • View infographics on the latest advisories
  • Book facilities at selected recreation centres (only available for Cochrane, Kranji, Penjuru, Sembawang, Terusan and Tuas South RCs)

With six different languages, the app aims to better engage workers, including those who may not be as proficient in English. 

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