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Workright: know your employment rights

The Workright initiative helps employees and employers understand their rights and obligations respectively in accordance with the Employment Act and CPF Act.

Workright videos

What is Workright

Launched in 2012 by MOM and CPF Board, Workright seeks to raise awareness of and national compliance with the Employment Act and the CPF Act.

Workright conducts annual education campaigns through media publicity and on-ground roadshows in the heartlands. Workright inspectors also conduct workplace visits to ensure employers comply with employment laws.

What should I know as an employee

Guide on employment laws

Read the Workright guide on employment laws to find out how to calculate your basic rate of pay, overtime pay and other employment details. Also available in Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.

Report non-compliant employers

If you come across any non-compliant employers, you can:

Your identity will be kept strictly confidential.

What should I know as an employer

Workright Employer's Toolkit - 6 simple steps to comply with employment laws

Read the Workright Employer's Toolkit (in English and Mandarin). This is an updated version which includes description and common observations on key employment terms (KETs) for employers to better understand how to include the requirements into employees' contract.

You can also download the following samples and templates:

Workright inspections

Workright conducts regular inspections to help businesses comply with the Employment Act and CPF Act.

Verification of inspection

If your company is scheduled for an inspection, you will receive a Notice of Inspection letter by post with more information.

All inspectors are issued with an authority card, and can produce the cards for identification purposes if necessary.

If you need further verification on the identity of our Workright inspectors, you can contact MOM at 6438 5122.

Documents required

To prepare for the inspection, you are required to download the following file and complete the documents before the inspection:

Mode How to submit
Physical inspection Produce the physical copies on the day of inspection
Digital inspection

Email the soft copies to MOM via

You must send the documents at least 3 working days (i.e. Monday - Friday) before the day of inspection.