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Workright: know your employment rights

The Workright initiative helps employees and employers understand their rights and obligations respectively in accordance with the Employment Act and CPF Act.

Working it right

View our interactive “Working it right” e-book as we share stories of 50 companies that have demonstrated their commitment towards respecting the employment rights of their employees. We hope they will inspire employers to do more to improve the employment terms of their employees.

Working it right

You can also download or view in PDF:

What is Workright

Workright seeks to raise national compliance with the Employment Act and the CPF Act. It was introduced in 2012 by MOM and the CPF Board.

Who it is for

For employees, Workright helps you understand your basic statutory employment benefits, through the “I Know My Employment Rights” education campaign.

For employers, Workright helps you be more familiar with your employment obligations, so that you can better look after the rights and welfare of your workers.

To help employers comply with employment laws, inspectors also conduct workplace visits to provide information on employment laws. Through employee interviews, inspectors provide advice to employers on areas of improvement and helps employers learn about their legal obligations to employees.

What it covers

Workright’s areas of focus include:

  • Payment of CPF contributions.
  • On-time payment of salaries.
  • Overtime payment.
  • Provision of paid annual and sick leave.
  • Adherence to requirements regarding working hours.

How it works

Everyone has a part to play, whether you are an employer, employee, or concerned member of the public.

If you come across any non-compliant employers, you can:

Your identity will be kept strictly confidential.

Find out more

To find out more, you can: