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Apply to be an approved asbestos-removal contractor

You must beĀ an approved asbestos-removal contractor (AARC) to carry out asbestos-removal work in any workplace.

At a glance

Who can apply Company representative.
How much it costs $250.
Fees are non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of your application.
How long it takes Up to 8 weeks.
Relevant regulations Workplace Safety and Health (Asbestos) Regulations
Validity Lifetime, as long as your bizSAFE level 3 and above certification is valid.
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Note: Before applying, your organisation needs to authorise staff members to transact on its behalf.

What is an approved asbestos-removal contractor

Materials containing asbestos must be removed in a safe and proper manner to ensure the safety and health of workers. Such materials are typically removed from buildings during renovation or demolition, and onboard ships or at plants during maintenance.

In accordance with the Workplace Safety and Health (Asbestos) Regulations, only an approved asbestos-removal contractor (AARC) can carry out asbestos-removal work in any workplace.

Who can apply

To be an AARC, you must have the knowledge, practical experience and resources to effectively carry out your duties under the law.

You need to meet the following requirements to apply:

  • Be registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).
  • Hold a valid bizSAFE level 3 and above certification (bizSAFE Partner or bizSAFE Mentor are acceptable).
  • Employ at least 1 competent person for asbestos-removal work. The competent person:
    • Must have at least 2 years of experience and training to perform the work.
    • Must have completed the Remove Asbestos From Workplace course by a WSQ-approved training organisation.
      Note: The Asbestos Removal and Management Course by SEI is not considered sufficient training.
  • Have a programme of training or instruction to ensure that asbestos-removal workers are properly instructed on how to carry out their work safely.
  • Have adequate tools and equipment to reduce the release of asbestos and control its spread outside the designated asbestos work area.

How to apply

To apply to be an asbestos-removal contractor:

  1. Log in to apply.
  2. Upload all supporting documents.
  3. Pay the $250 fee online. Your application will only be processed upon payment.
  4. (Optional) Log in to check your application status.
  5. Print the certificate once you receive the notice of approval via email or SMS.

Documents required

You will need to submit PDF copies of the following documents:

  • Copy of the ACRA business profile.
  • Declaration by the WSH auditor stating that the risk assessments of asbestos-removal work have been audited as part of the bizSAFE certification.
  • Declaration for equipment stating that the company is able to provide the equipment and tools necessary for asbestos-removal work. Attach specifications and photographs of the equipment.
  • Certificate of completion for Remove Asbestos From Workplace course.
  • Supporting documents, including copies of the employment letter or Work Permit showing that the competent persons for asbestos-removal work are directly employed by your company.
  • Company testimony for at least 1 competent person for asbestos-removal work. Competent persons must have at least 2 years of experience in handling, removing or disposing of asbestos-containing materials or asbestos-related work activities.
  • Copy of NRIC or Work Pass for each competent person.
  • Sample plan of work for removal of both friable and non-friable asbestos-containing materials and training programme.
  • Programme of training, including training materials to ensure asbestos workers are properly instructed in asbestos-removal work.
  • A completed and signed copy of the Terms and Conditions for Approved Asbestos Removal Contractors.