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Appoint an account administrator or user for WSH eServices

To use MOM's WSH eServices, your organisation need to use Corppass to appoint a staff member to be an account administrator. As a Corppass account administrator, you can create, update, replace or remove user accounts, and assign access rights to eServices for each user.

Using CorpPass

From 11 April 2021, you need to log in to our eServices using Singpass instead of Corppass. Visit for more info.

After registering for Corppass, your Corppass admin or sub-admin user must do the following so that you can access WSH eServices:

  1. Log in to Corppass.
  2. Go to eService Access tab.
  3. Choose workplace safety and health eServices as one of your company’s eServices.
  4. Assign workplace safety and health eServices to the company administrator and users.

If you have questions about Corppass, you can call Corppass helpdesk at 6335 3530, 8am to 8pm on Mondays to Fridays, or 8am to 2pm on Saturdays, or email to

If you have further questions about WSH eService account, you can make an enquiry online.

Authorised Examiner can nominate eService user

If you’re an Authorised Examiner, you can nominate another eService user to perform electronic transactions on your behalf.

To nominate an eService user, you need to:

  1. Log in to manage Authorised Examiner user account using Singpass.
  2. Fill in the workplace number or competent organisation reference number.
  3. Fill in the contact details of the nominee.