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Not available due to maintenance
  • Every day between 3am - 4am
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday between 10pm - 11pm

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Which company staff can use the eService?Show

Only authorised company staff can use this service. Your company will first need to appoint 1 staff member to be an eService account administrator. They can then nominate eService users to use the service on the company’s behalf.

Find out how to appoint an account administrator or eService user.

Once they're authorised, they can log in using their Singpass.

What can I do with this eService?Show

Depending on the type of registration you have, you can:

  • Apply for a new registration
  • View a saved draft application
  • Check your application status
  • Add approved personnel
  • Update details of your organisation or approved personnel
  • Renew a registration
  • Terminate a registration
  • View list of approved crane operator personnel

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