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Check the status of a work injury claim

If you are a party to a work injury claim, you can check the status of the claim by SMS, online, by phone or in person.

Who can check status

You can check the claim status if you are a party to a work injury claim: employee, employee's dependant, employer, insurer or legal representative.

You can start checking the claim status when you get the case reference number.

Ways to check status

For claims that are processed by MOM, there are three ways to check the status of a claim:

Check via SMSShow

Check via SMS

You can send an SMS message to 72327.

This service is also available in Bengali, Mandarin and Tamil.

One-time check

To do a one-time check, text: CS<space>claim reference number

Monitor and receive status updates

To monitor your claim and receive new status updates, text:

SUBCS<space>claim reference number

Note: If your subscription request is successful, you will receive a confirmation SMS message from us.

To stop receiving updates, text: UNSUBCS<space>claim reference number

Check onlineShow

Check online

To check a claim status online:

  1. Log in to check claim status.
  2. After logging in, you can view the status of all work injury claims associated with you or your company at the dashboard.
    You can also upload supporting document relating to the claim under “Select Action”.
  3. To find a specific case, use the filter function with any of the following:
    • Claim reference number
    • Injured person’s NRIC, FIN or passport number
    • Date of accident

For employers, insurers and lawyers

If you are an authorised representative of an employer, insurer or lawyer, you can also check the status of all the work injury claims associated with your company.

You must use CorpPass to log in. Apply for CorpPass if you don’t have one. Your CorpPass admin or sub-admin must also assign your CorpPass account.

Check by phoneShow

Check by phone

To check the claim status manually, you can:

  • Call MOM at 6438 5122 and follow the instructions on the voice recording system.
  • Contact your claims officer.

For claims that are processed by designated insurers, please check the claim status with them.