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Disputing a work injury claim

You, your employer or their insurer can dispute a work injury claim within 14 days of the notice of assessment. 

At a glance

When to file a dispute Within 14 days from the date of the notice of assessment (NOA).
Who can file a dispute Employee, employer or insurer.
How long it takes Within 2 to 4 months for most cases. It may take longer for disputes that need to be heard before the Assistant Commissioner (Work Injury Compensation).

Types of disputes

There are two main types of disputes you can file in a work injury claim:

  • Objection to a permanent incapacity assessment.
  • Other objections e.g. whether an injury was work-related.

Objection to a permanent incapacity assessment

When you, your employer or the insurer objects to the % permanent incapacity assessment given by the hospital or clinic.

What to expect:

  • Your injuries will be re-assessed by a panel appointed by the Work Injury Compensation Medical Board. The panel will comprise two senior consultants from restructured hospitals.
  • The objecting party will have to pay the Medical Board fee of $357 and the costs of any tests required by the board. If the fee is not paid in time, the objection may be struck off.

The Medical Board's permanent incapacity assessment is final.

Other objections

Other objections can include:

  • Whether the injury or disease is work-related.
  • Whether the average monthly earnings (AME) indicated in the NOA is correct.

What to expect:

  • MOM will hold a pre-hearing conference.
  • Whoever is objecting will have to provide supporting documents and evidence.
  • If the objection can’t be substantiated, it may be struck off.
  • If the dispute can’t be resolved at the conference, the case will be referred for hearing.

File an objection

To file an objection:

  1. Complete the objection form attached to the notice of assessment.
  2. Send the completed form to MOM by:
    • Post to MOM Services Centre, 1500 Bendemeer Road, Singapore 339946. Attention the letter to the case officer.
    • Email to the case officer.


Once the dispute is resolved, MOM will issue a Court Order to all parties: you (employee), employer and insurer. They have 21 days to pay the compensation.

The majority of disputes are resolved within 2 to 4 months. Disputes that need to be heard before the Assistant Commissioner (Work Injury Compensation) will take more time.

Failure to pay compensation is an offence, carrying a fine of up to $10,000 or jail of up to 12 months, or both.