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Process-related incident reporting

As an MHI, you must report process-related incidents that occur in connection with any activity involving one or more dangerous substances.

At a glance

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This includes the use, storage, manufacturing, handling, on‑site movement or distribution, or a combination of these activities, resulting in:

  • Unintended explosion or fire causing damage to property, death or bodily injury to a person.
  • Unplanned or uncontrolled discharge of one or more dangerous substances.

This allows MHD to collect and analyse information on the various types of process-related incidents, incident trends, and the lessons learnt from these incidents. The analyses can then be shared with the industry to prevent recurrence of such incidents.

In addition to reporting process-related incidents to MOM, MHIs need to contact the relevant agencies for emergency response immediately, in the event of emergencies.

What to report

Process-related incidents to be notified and reported include:

In some instances, discharge of dangerous substances at quantities lower than the threshold values could still pose serious danger to persons.

This could be a result of characteristics of the dangerous substance, or the location of release (i.e. indoors). In such cases, you would still need to report the process-related incident.

If you are currently using American Petroleum Institute (API) 754 as a basis for your accident classifications, you can refer to Tier 1 and Tier 2 process related event for the scope of incidents to be reported.

How to notify and report

To notify and report to MHD, you need to:

  1. Contact MHD immediately through your designated point of contact in MHD.
  2. After notification, you must submit the report within 10 days of the process-related incident.
  3. After submitting the report, you should continue your investigation to determine the root-cause of the process-related incident.
  4. As soon as the investigation is completed, you need to submit the detailed investigation report.