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What is an uncontrolled or unplanned discharge for process-related incidents?

A loss from primary containment is an unplanned discharge.

Planned discharges which are uncontrolled refer to situations where the protective or mitigation system was not designed to cater for the safe discharge of dangerous substances.

A discharge from a pressure relief device (PRD) to a functional downstream destructive device, e.g. a scrubber or flare, resulting in no or minimal atmospheric discharge doesn’t need to be reported.

An incident resulting in one or more of the following consequences is classified as an uncontrolled discharge for process-related incidents:

  • Direct discharge of any dangerous substance to atmosphere.
  • Liquid carryover.
  • Discharge to a potentially unsafe location e.g. areas of human access.
  • Any activation of on-site shelter-in-place, public protective measures (e.g. road closure).