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Building capability for safety case

You can make use of safety case clinics and safety case practitioner’s training to build capability.

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Safety case capability

You need to allocate resources to ensure that you have adequate and competent personnel for the preparation of your safety case.

Generally, safety case preparation involves:

  • Different levels of the organisation including:
    • leadership and middle management
    • supervisors
    • ground staff
  • Various subject matter experts on areas such as:
    • Plant design and operation
    • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
    • Process hazard analysis
    • Process safety
    • Electrical, control and instrumentation
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Human factors
    • Emergency response

Safety case clinics

To help MHIs in their preparations for pre-receipt and safety case submission, MHD will conduct safety case clinics for MHIs to seek consultation on safety case matters.

Safety case clinics are by appointment only.

You can email to request for an appointment. Your request should state:

  • Your enquiries
  • Proposed topics for discussion
  • Preferred dates
You are strongly encouraged to discuss your methodology for identification of major accident scenarios, selection of safety critical events and ALARP demonstrations. Documents relevant to the discussion should be shared with MHD before the appointment.

Safety case practitioner's training

Safety Case Leads (SCLs), or key MHI personnel, are responsible for preparing, implementing and operationalising safety cases. As such, SCLs should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to prepare safety cases for their organisations.

To learn how to prepare safety cases, SCLs could attend safety case practitioners' training by providers who offer training based on MHD’s Curriculum Development Advisory.

Apply to be Safety Case Training Provider

Organisations that wish to be recognised as Safety Case Training Providers will need to:

  1. Download and complete the application form in the Curriculum Development Advisory.
  2. Submit the application form and supporting documents by email to