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Resources for employers of migrant domestic workers (MDWs)

Explore useful information, including essential helplines and guidebooks for employers, and recreational activities for your helpers.


Helplines for employers

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Struggling with communication or facing overwhelming issues with your MDW? Or do you feel that mediation could help you work through an issue? You are not alone. Reach out for support and a listening ear by contacting these helplines.

For Organisation Contact
Employment related advice and assistance Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE) 1800 225 5233
Dispute resolution and mediation Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore) - AEA(S) 6836 2618

WhatsApp channel for MDWs

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Help your MDW adapt to life in Singapore by having her subscribe to our WhatsApp channel. It will send her useful messages about working and living in Singapore, including how to avoid scams and unlicensed moneylenders. A WhatsApp infobot is also available 24/7 for her to self-help and seek answers to employment or well-being questions.

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How your MDW can sign up

  1. Subscribe to the MOM MDW WhatsApp channel.
  2. If your sign-up is successful, you will receive an acknowledgment message.

For more information, please refer to our FAQs.

The use of WhatsApp is governed by these Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.

Rest-day activities for your MDW

Reading time: 4 mins

As an MDW’s employer, you play a crucial role in supporting her well-being. This includes letting her spend her rest day meaningfully in safe spaces, so that she can recharge and form networks of support outside the household.

Check out these meaningful activities organised by our Non-government Organisations (NGOs). Advise your MDW to sign up for these to recharge and refresh during her rest day.


Free sight-seeing excursions
Your MDW can experience complimentary sight-seeing excursions with the Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore) Fun Club. The club makes monthly trips to various attractions in Singapore where your MDW can enjoy games and snacks, and forge friendships with fellow MDWs.


Finance management classes
Help your MDW gain the knowledge it takes to save up and avoid traps like borrowing from unlicensed moneylenders. Encourage her to sign up for money management courses at Aidha to learn how to budget her finances.


Fun-filled activities
Let your MDW enjoy a fun-filled day with the Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE). She can participate in recreational activities or learn new skills such as handicrafts, dance, and more. Follow CDE on Facebook to find out more.

Guidebooks for you

We’ve gathered a list of handy guides that can help you have a pleasant employment journey with your MDW. Topics range from safety to mental well-being and beyond.

Work safety for your MDW

Enhancing your MDW's mental well-being

Employment matters for hiring an MDW

Besides the employer’s guide for migrant domestic workers, you may refer to the following resources:

Guidebooks for your MDW

To help your MDW better adjust to life in Singapore, empower her with these handy guidebooks that provide practical tips for enhancing her mental and financial well-being. They could boost her motivation and satisfaction, helping her contribute her best to your household.

My self-care journal
Teach your MDW to take care of herself. Let her follow the story of Mimik, an MDW in Singapore, as she overcomes work challenges, learns to manage stress, and builds a good relationship with her employer. The journal includes fun colouring worksheets and activities that let your helper express herself!

Guide on salary and financial matters
Do you know if your helper is saving up for rainy days, or if she’s in urgent need of money? Use this money management guide to teach your helper how to save up and aim to achieve financial security with easy-to-follow steps and helpful advice. It will also help her avoid unwanted scenarios like borrowing from unlicensed moneylenders, or resorting to a side job illegally.

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