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Uphold workplace fairness, foster inclusive and progressive practices

We want to ensure that every segment of the workforce can emerge stronger together by upholding fairness, inclusivity, and progressive practices at the workplace.

We will continue our efforts to uphold inclusivity in Singapore, so that everyone has a fair opportunity. We will also support organisations to become more progressive in adopting mental well-being initiatives.

Sustaining progressive practices in workplacesShow

We will continue to sustain flexible work arrangements so that workers can better balance work and personal commitments.

The scope of the Household Services Scheme will be expanded to include elder- and child-minding services, to provide better support for parents and caregivers in need of part-time domestic help.

We will strengthen support for mental well-being in the workplace, as well as employment of persons with mental health conditions, and persons with disabilities.

Strengthening support for migrant workers and their employersShow

The medical insurance coverage requirements for Work Permit and S Pass holders will be enhanced to better protect employers against large medical bills.

  • Employers and insurers will co-pay 25% and 75% respectively for claim amounts above $15,000, up to an annual claim limit of $60,000.
  • This will cover more than 99% of Work Permit and S Pass holders’ inpatient and day surgery bills.
  • Allowable exclusion clauses will be standardised to provide employers and workers with greater clarity on their coverage and eligible claims.
  • Age-differentiated premiums will be introduced to keep premiums affordable for the large majority of our foreign workforce aged 50 years and below.

Find out more about the specific insurance coverage requirements: