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Apply for SAC accredited WSH auditor

Workplace safety and health (WSH) auditing organisations can add WSH auditors to their approved personnel. Each organisation must employ at least 3 WSH auditors.

At a glance

Who can apply Company representative
How much it costs $110 per auditor
How long it takes Up to 8 weeks
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The WSH auditor must meet these requirements:

  • Have the required working and practical experience based on one of the following:
    • If you hold a relevant degree and are a registered WSH officer, you need at least 5 years of experience as a WSHO.
    • If you hold a relevant degree, you need at least 7 years of WSH experience.
    • If you are a registered WSH officer without a relevant degree, you need at least 8 years as a WSHO.
  • Have at least 5 years of experience in auditing activities, such as Safety, Quality Management System or Environment Management System audits or reviews.
  • Be employed by an SAC accredited auditing organisation.
  • Completed the Graduate Certificate in WSH under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Framework for WSH Professionals (Level D).
A relevant degree refers to a degree in engineering, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, ergonomics, occupational safety, occupational health or occupational hygiene that is acceptable to the Commissioner.

How to apply

  1. Log in to apply.
  2. Upload all supporting documents.
  3. Pay the $110 fee for each auditor online. The application will only be processed upon payment.
  4. (Optional) Log in to check your application status.

You will receive an email notification if your application is successful.

Documents required

You need to submit PDF copies of the following documents:

  • Copy of applicant’s NRIC or Work Pass (both sides).
  • Copy of applicant’s WSH Auditor Card (for previously approved WSH Auditor).
  • Certificate of accreditation issued by SAC based on SAC CT 17 – SAC Criteria for Accreditation of Auditing Organisations.
  • Schedule of accredited scope and personnel appending the SAC CT 17 certificate of accreditation.