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Access work injury compensation data exchange platform

Designated insurers must share policy and claims data with MOM using the work injury compensation (WIC) data exchange platform, available from 1 September 2020. MOM will also make available aggregate claims data to all designated insurers.

Designation fee

Upon approval, designated insurers must pay an annual designation fee to use MOM’s WIC data exchange platform. The designation fee payable is based on your gross WIC premiums earned in the previous year, as declared to MOM.

Annual gross WIC premium Designation fee
> $10 million $36,000
<= $10 million $21,000

You will receive the payment instructions by email when the annual designation fee is due. You need to pay within the given timeline. Failure to paying the designation fee will affect your designation.

To link your system to the data exchange platform, you can use:

  • Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).
  • Application Programming Interface (API) for faster data sharing.
Connection method Link fee
SFTP $3,700
API $3,700
Both SFTP and API $7,400

The one-time link fee is valid for 3 months from your last fee payment. 

Complete your SFTP or API setup within 3 months to avoid incurring the link fee again.

You can email if you wish to link your system to MOM’s data exchange platform for data-sharing.