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Check a worker's training records

You can view a worker’s past training records online to check if they have met their training requirements.

To check a worker’s training records, you need the worker’s NRIC, FIN or Work Permit number (for Work Permit holders).

You can check if an employee has attended the following courses:

  • Basic Industrial Safety and Health Course (BISH)
  • Building Construction Supervisors Safety Course (BCSS) or Supervise Construction Work for WSH
  • Construction Safety Orientation Course (General Trade) (CSOC)
  • Safety Orientation Course (Metalworking) (MSOC) or Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Metal Work
  • Shipyard Safety Instruction Course (General Trade) (SSIC)
  • Shipyard Supervisors Safety Course (SSSC)

You can also check the training records of other WSH courses taken from 4 January 2017. Training records of other WSH courses taken before 4 January 2017 will not be reflected.

For CSOC, MSOC and SSIC GT, you can check if they will be issued with certificates valid for 2 or 4 years based on their period of employment in Singapore.

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