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  • Every Tuesday and Thursday between 10pm - 11pm

What do I need to use this eService?Show

You will need the worker’s NRIC, FIN or Work Permit number (for Work Permit holders).

You don’t need to log in to use this eService.

What can I do with this eService?Show

You can check if a worker has attended the following courses:

  • Building Construction Supervisors Safety Course (BCSS)
  • Construction Safety Orientation Course (General Trade) (CSOC)
  • Shipyard Supervisors Safety Course (SSSC)
  • Shipyard Safety Instruction Course (General Trade) (SSIC)
  • Metal Working Safety Orientation Course (MSOC)
  • Basic Industrial Safety and Health Course (BISH)

For CSOC and SSIC, you can check if they will be issued with certificates valid for 2 or 4 years based on their period of employment in Singapore.

I cannot find my worker's training records. What should I do?Show

If your worker’s training record cannot be found, please check with the training providers.