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Submit an SS506 Part 3 or SS651 audit

Certain companies need to submit their workplace's safety and health management system (SHMS) audit findings based on SS506 Part 3 or SS651.

At a glance

Who are those companies
  • Factory that processes or manufactures petroleum, petroleum products, petrochemicals or petrochemical products.
  • Premises that stores toxic or flammable liquids at a storage capacity of 5,000 or more cubic metres.
  • Factory manufacturing fluorine, chlorine, hydrogen fluoride, carbon monoxide and synthetic polymers.
  • Factory manufacturing pharmaceutical products or their intermediates.
  • Factory manufacturing semiconductor wafers.
Who can submit
  • Company eService user
  • Approved personnel of Workplace Safety and Health Auditing Organisation
When to submit Every 24 months
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Companies must comply with the WSH (Safety and Health Management System and Auditing) Regulations by implementing a safety and health management system and conducting an audit on the system at the required frequency.

What is SS506 Part 3 and SS651

SS506 Part 3 is a Singapore Standard developed specifically for the chemical industry in Singapore on Occupational Safety and Health management system.

SS651 is an updated standard on the requirements for safety and health management system.

SS506 Part 3 will be expire on 31 December 2021.

From 1 January 2022, only SS651 will be accepted.


You will need the following to submit an audit:

  • SingPass
  • Workplace number, workplace name and address of the employer
  • Name and NRIC of the WSH auditor
  • Final audit report

How to submit

You can submit the SS506 Part 3 or SS651 audit findings:

  1. Log in to WSH eService.
  2. Fill in the date of audit, NRIC and name of the WSH auditor.
  3. Attach the audit findings report and choose the document type “SHMS”.
  4. Click submit to complete the submission.

Save your work frequently. You can retrieve a saved draft submission and work on it later.


For more SS506 Part 3 information and resources, you can read the user guide to online submission for SS506 Part 3 audit findings.

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