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Register Lifting Equipment

If you own certain types of Lifting Equipment, you must register them with MOM. You also need to apply for type approval for each model of tower crane you operate.

Types of equipment to register

You must register the following equipment with MOM:

  • Lifts and hoists.
  • Lifting machines: any crane, crab, winch, teagle, runway, transporter, piling frame or piling machine and any work platform or suspended scaffold capable of being raised or lowered by climbers, winches or other powered devices.
  • Lifting appliances: includes pulley blocks, gin wheels, chain blocks or set of chain blocks.
  • Lifting gear: any chain, rope, chain sling, webbing sling, rope sling, ring, hook, shackle, swivel or eyebolt and any cage or work platform used for carrying persons while suspended from the load line of a crane.
Some examples of lifting equipments are lift, hoist, lifting appliance, derrick crane, overhead crane, gantry crane, tower crane, pillar crane, mobile crane, crawler crane, lorry loader, piling frame, mobile elevating workplatform, mast climbing workplatform and gondola.

Who can register

As the owner, you must engage an Authorised Examiner (AE) to register your Lifting Equipment.

The AE will:

  • Conduct the necessary tests and examinations.
  • Issue the examination report.
  • Register the lifting equipment on your behalf.

Find an Authorised Examiner for Lifting Equipment

How to register or re-register lifting gear

You can’t use our eServices to register, re-register or examine lifting gears.

Instead, you need to download and use the registration form for lifting gear.

  • Only an AE in the field of Crane Engineering can test or examine a lifting gear.
  • The AE must not make any changes to the form. If you need an editable form, you can email to

Apply for type approval for a tower crane

Suppliers or owners must get type approval for all tower cranes imported for use in Singapore, including imported used tower cranes that are not yet registered with MOM.

If you are a supplier (e.g. manufacturer or agent) or owner, you can apply for type approval for a tower crane.

Submit 1 application for each model of tower crane. If your application is successful, you will get a Type Approval Document for that model of tower crane.


View circulars for Lifting Equipment.

As an AE, you can register and manage lifting equipment:

  • Register, re-register or transfer lifting equipment.
  • Submit a lifting equipment examination report.
  • Amend a lifting equipment examination report.
  • Submit a lifting equipment repairs report.