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Re-register Lifting Equipment

You need to re-register Lifting Equipment if it is moved from the registered location or changes ownership.

You will need to re-register a Lifting Equipment in the following scenarios:

  • When you buy or take over an already-registered Lifting Equipment from a company.
  • You should ensure that the Lifting Equipment has been de-registered by the company before buying or taking over the equipment. You need to contact the registered owner to de-register the Lifting Equipment if it has not been de-registered.
  • When your company changes its Unique Entity Number (UEN).
  • When you move a Lifting Equipment from one workplace location to another (applies only to units that have been disassembled and re-assembled for the move).

You need to engage an Authorised Examiner to re-register the Lifting Equipment.

The Authorised Examiner may carry out the following:

  • Determine the test(s) required to evaluate the integrity of the lifting equipment.
  • Request information such as past history and operating conditions.
  • Issue a certificate of test and examination report if the lifting equipment meets the requirements.

Re-register lifting gear

Our eServices cannot be used for the registration of Lifting Gears.

Instead, Authorised Examiners need to download and use the registration form for lifting gear.

  • Only an Authorised Examiners in the field of Crane Engineering can test or examine a lifting gear.
  • The Authorised Examiners must not make any changes to the form. If you need an editable form, Authorised Examiners may email us at