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How do I get a workplace number to perform WSH transactions if my worksite doesn’t need to be registered?

If you have applied BCA permit for structural works, MOM will have your worksite record from BCA (before approval of BCA permit), and you will receive the worksite’s workplace number by email.

You can also log in to WSH eService to view and search for active workplace records under your company.

If you don’t need to apply for BCA permit:

  1. Log in to WSH eService to create a non-notifiable workplace record.
  2. (For worksites) In the “Remarks” field, you need to key in the following details stated in your “Letter of Award” from the developer or owner.
    • Project description
    • Contract reference number
  3. Note down your workplace number at the acknowledgement page after submission. You can read the user guide to create non-notifiable workplace record.
  4. Search for your active workplace records and choose the workplace record to carry out your WSH transaction.
With workplace number of the worksite, you can subscribe or update subscribers to receive WSH alert service for iReport.