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Update factory licence details

You need to update changes in your factory registration and notification, such as nature of work and number of workers.

Update workplace information

You can update your factory licence information if you’re the eService user assigned for your workplace, such as:

  • Nature of work.
  • Workplace name or contact details.
  • Occupier mailing address and contact details.
  • Number of workers.
  • Subscription to email alerts to workplace company representatives of the workplace.
  • (For construction worksites only):
    • Contract sum.
    • Project commencement date and completion date.
    • Developer details

Note: You cannot change the workplace address.

To update workplace information:

  1. Log in to GoBusiness.
  2. Choose “Amend Existing Licence” option to update.

Update other information

You need to write a letter to update other factory licence details such as:

  • Change of unit number or floor level of your factory premise within the same industrial building.
  • Change in lot number under same mukim address for construction worksite.

To update other information:

  1. Write a formal letter using your company’s letter head which includes:
    • Workplace number and name of specific record.
    • Requested updates in existing workplace address.
    • Reason for change.
    • Signature of a management staff for verification (full name and designation with company stamp required)
  2. Prepare all supporting documents, where applicable:
    • Copy of the Letter of Award, e.g. for construction project
    • Tenancy agreement, e.g. for factory unit in industrial estate
  3. Log in to GoBusiness.
  4. Choose “Amend Existing Licence” option and upload the letter and all supporting documents.

Update quantity of dangerous substances

If your factory handles dangerous substances and there are significant changes to the quantities, you need to:

  1. Assess your quantities with the MHI assessment form. Find out more about MHI assessment.
  2. Submit the completed form to

Relocation of factory operation

If your factory stops operation at the location stated in factory licence and now operates at a new location or there is a change in postal code, e.g. from Tuas to Woodlands industrial estate, with no change in nature of work, the Occupier need to:

  1. Apply a new factory notification or registration for the new premise.
  2. Terminate factory licence at its former location where it has ceased operation.

Change in company entity

If there is a change in company entity, e.g. change in UEN, occupying the existing factory location, please take note of the following: