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Primary Care Plan (PCP)

From 1 April 2022, under Primary Healthcare System (PHS), you must buy a Primary Care Plan (PCP) for eligible workers. You can buy from Anchor Operators (AOs).

Before COVID-19, migrant workers lacked access to accessible and affordable healthcare services near their residence, workplaces and recreational areas. COVID-19 has exposed the care and systemic gaps in migrant workers' healthcare services.

The PHS provides integrated healthcare services for eligible workers.


Employers must purchase PCP before you can get your worker's Work Permit or S Pass issued or renewed if they:

For all eligible workers whose passes are not due for renewal until after 1 April 2023, you must purchase PCP for them by 31 March 2023.

A PCP is optional for a Work Permit (excluding MDWs) or S Pass holder who lives in the community and work in non-CMP sectors. However, we strongly encourage you to buy PCP for your workers for better protection against unexpected healthcare bills.

If your workers are not covered under a PCP, they can still get medical help by:


There are 3 key benefits:

  • Provide quality, accessible and affordable primary care to migrant workers.
  • Support proactive public health surveillance to minimise risks of large outbreaks and work disruption.
  • Provide peace of mind for both employers and migrant workers.

What services are included

A PCP includes:

  • One statutory medical examination for work pass application or renewal.
  • Unlimited acute and chronic consultations.
  • One annual basic health screening.
  • Telemedicine and medication delivery.
  • Scheduled transportation to and from dormitories and MOM medical centres. This would be prioritised for workers who are reporting sick at MOM medical centres, and excludes routine specialist appointments.
  • Ambulance or special transport services to other medical facilities (e.g. emergency department), if necessary.

How much is it

Prices range from $108 to $138 per worker per year, which you can pay upfront in full or in any of the instalment payment plans:

  • Quarterly instalments
  • Monthly instalments

You must buy a PCP for eligible workers from Anchor Operators based on where they stay.

Your workers must also pay additional fees:

  • $5 (excluding GST) for medical treatment at each visit to the medical centre
  • $2 (excluding GST) for each telemedicine service

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