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Primary Care Plan (PCP)

From 1 April 2022, under Primary Healthcare System (PHS), you must buy a Primary Care Plan (PCP) for eligible workers. You can buy from Anchor Operators (AOs).

Before COVID-19, migrant workers lacked access to accessible and affordable healthcare services near their residence, workplaces and recreational areas. COVID-19 has exposed the care and systemic gaps in migrant workers' healthcare services.

The PHS provides integrated healthcare services for eligible workers.


A PCP is mandatory for Work Permit holders (excluding MDWs) and S Pass holders who:

  • Stay in dormitories.
  • Work in CMP sectors.

All eligible workers must have PCP by 31 March 2023, even if their renewal is after 31 March 2023.

A PCP is optional for a Work Permit or S Pass holder who lives in the community and work in non-CMP sectors. However, we strongly encourage you to buy PCP for your workers for better protection against unexpected healthcare bills.

If your workers are not covered under a PCP, they can still get medical help using telemedicine service or visit any MOM Medical Centres based on their fees.


There are 3 key benefits:

  • Provide quality, accessible and affordable primary care to migrant workers, and reduce strain to the public healthcare system.
  • Support proactive public health surveillance to minimise risk of outbreak in the community.
  • Provide affordable prices for both employers and migrant workers.

What services are included

A PCP includes:

  • One statutory medical examination for work pass application or renewal.
  • Unlimited acute and chronic consultations.
  • One annual basic health screening.
  • Telemedicine and medication delivery.
  • Transportation to and from dormitories and MOM Medical Centres.

How much is it

Prices range from $108 to $138 per worker per year, payable by monthly instalments.

You must buy a PCP for eligible workers from Anchor Operators based on where they stay.

Your workers must also pay additional fees:

  • $5 (excluding GST) for medical treatment at each visit to the medical centre
  • $2 (excluding GST) for each telemedicine service

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