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Who needs to declare business activity?Show

If your organisation has never applied for a Work Permit or S Pass before, you must declare your business activity before submitting any Work Permit or S Pass application.

Based on your declaration, we will assign your organisation to the most relevant sector. Your sector will determine the number of Work Permit and S Pass holders you can hire.

Once the sector is assigned, you can proceed to submit the Work Permit and S Pass applications.

Note: Only business employers need to declare their business activity. Employers of foreign domestic workers (FDWs) do not have to do so.

What are the requirements for declaring business activity?Show

You will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a CPF account. If you do not have one, open an account with CPF Board and you will be issued a CPF Submission Number (CSN), e.g. 12345678A-PTE-01.
  • Contribute CPF for your local employees for at least 1 month before you declare your business activity.
  • For manufacturing sector, have a valid Factory Notification or Registration.
  • If required, submit copies of licences, e.g. NEA licence for food businesses, AVA licence for food manufacturers, etc.
    If you’re opening a new food establishment and don’t have the foodshop licence from NEA yet, you can use iSubmit to submit a copy of the “Application for Foodshop Licence” letter issued to you by NEA.

How to declare your business activityShow

To declare your business activity:

  1. Go to Work Pass Account Registration (WPAR) and log in using your SingPass.
  2. Submit any required documents using iSubmit.
  3. After 2 working days, you can check the outcome online.

Alternatively, you can apply manually using the Declaration of Business Activity form. The processing time is 7 working days and the outcome will be posted to you.

Second CPF account for another business activityShow

You may have already employed foreign workers for a business activity under an existing CPF account.

You will need a second CPF account if you want to employ Work Permit or S Pass holders for another business activity.

To apply, write to the Work Pass Division about your organisation’s existing and new business activities. Send the information to us using iSubmit (choose option 6: Work Permit Application Matters for Business Sectors), together with the relevant supporting documents as stated below:

Business activity for 2nd CPF account Documents required
Childcare centre
  • MSF support letter
  • Instant business profile printout from ACRA
Food business
  • NEA licence
  • Instant business profile printout from ACRA
  • Harbour-craft licence
  • Instant business profile printout from ACRA
  • AVA licence (for food processing companies)
  • Factory licence
  • Instant business profile printout from ACRA
Marine shipyard
  • Shipyard licence, if any
  • Letter from Mainyard confirming projects awarded to company
  • Instant business profile printout from ACRA
  • Instant business profile printout from ACRA.

We aim to reply to you within 14 working days.