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Apply for levy waiver for a migrant domestic worker (MDW)

You can get a waiver for your MDW levy payments only under certain situations. These include overseas leave and hospitalisation leave.

When you can get a levy waiver

You can apply for a levy waiver only if your helper:

  • Is on overseas leave for at least 7 consecutive days.
    Capped at 60 calendar days per calendar year.  
  • Is on hospitalisation leave issued by Singapore hospitals.
    Capped at 60 calendar days per calendar year.
  • Does not return to Singapore after overseas leave.
  • Is under police custody or is housed at an embassy.
  • Has passed away.

What you need

If your helper You need
Went on overseas leave

No documents needed. We will contact you if we need any. Apply for the waiver after the helper returns to Singapore.

If the helper chose not to return from overseas leave, you should cancel the Work Permit before you apply for a waiver.

Was admitted to a hospital in Singapore

Any of the following:

  • Medical certificate showing the period of hospitalisation leave.
  • Hospital bills which reflect the admission and discharge dates.
Was in the custody of the police or embassy A letter from the relevant organisation stating the period of custody.
Has passed away A copy of her death certificate.

When to apply

You can apply for the levy waiver only after the levy has been charged and it must be within 1 year of the levy bill.

If the waiver period requested is from January 2015 (start month) to February 2015 (end month), you must submit the application by 31 January 2016.

How to apply

You need to apply online at CPF website. After logging in, choose Application for Waiver of Foreign Worker Levy (Domestic).

You can check your application status online after 12 working days.

How to calculate the waiver

Amount waived = Monthly levy rate - Levy payable


  • Waiver period: 1 – 15 September
  • Helper’s levy rate: $300 monthly (or $9.87 daily)

How to calculate

  1. Count the number of days from 16 to 30 September where levy is payable, i.e. 15 days.
  2. Find out the amount of levy payable using daily rate, i.e. 15 days × $9.87 = $148.05
  3. Amount waived = Monthly levy rate - Levy payable
    $300 (monthly levy rate) - $148.05 (levy payable) = $151.95 (amount waived)

View the levy rates.

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