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Extend the confinement nanny's stay

You can request to extend your confinement nanny's stay in Singapore if her visit pass does not cover her employment period.

When your confinement nanny enters Singapore, she will be given a single-entry visit pass that allows her to stay for a fixed duration.

You need to request for an extension of her stay if:

  • The duration of her current visit pass does not cover her employment period.
  • She leaves Singapore during the employment period and re-enters Singapore with a new visit pass that does not cover her employment period. 

Please submit the extension request before her visit pass expires to prevent her from overstaying in Singapore. You need to upload these documents:

  • SG Arrival Card (maximum 1MB)
  • Personal particulars page of her passport (maximum 1MB)

We will email you the outcome within 2 weeks.

An extension fee of $40 is applicable when the current visit pass accumulates to a period of 90 days or more from the date of entry/issuance of visit pass. This fee is chargeable for every subsequent extension of stay accumulating to 90 days or more.