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What can I do in iSubmit?Show

You can use iSubmit to submit electronic or scanned copies of your documents to the Work Pass Division. We will send you an email to acknowledge once your documents are submitted successfully.

Do not use iSubmit for enquiries. If you have a question for us, send us online feedback.

What documents can I submit?Show

The table below lists the types of documents that you can submit through iSubmit. It also indicates the corresponding request type, which you must choose from a drop-down list.

To submit the “Request form for amendment of personal particulars” form, choose 2. Update of pass holder’s personal particulars or company information from the Request Type drop-down list.
# Request type Pass type Documents you can submit
1 Work Pass application matters (excluding Work Permit) All pass types, except Work Permits
  • Supporting documents MOM has requested.
  • Requests to amend application details during employment or when issuing the pass, e.g. job title, salary.

    Note: Not for changing personal particulars.
  • Appeals for rejected EntrePass, Personalised Employment Pass and Employment Pass (sponsorship scheme) applications only.

    Note: Use EP Online for appeals for Employment Pass, S Pass and their related passes.

Update of pass holder’s personal particulars or company information

Note: Not for amending application details.
All pass types, except Work Permit
3 EP Online and WP Online account matters All pass types
  • Supporting documents for change of administrator.
4 Amendment of information / particulars for foreign workers and FDWs Work Permit

Requests to change worker’s information or particulars.

(Except for name, date of birth, passport number, passport expiry date, marital status, occupation and salary, which should be done using Work Permit Online instead.)

5 Work Permit application matters for FDW and 6-monthly medical examination (6ME) for FDWs and foreign workers Work Permit for FDW
  • 6-monthly medical examination (6ME) results for FDWs and foreign workers (FWs).
  • IRAS Notice of Assessment for review.
  • Request for handover period.
  • Supporting documents to request for a change of sponsor without applying for a new Work Permit or changing employer.
  • Supporting documents for extending a confinement nanny's Work Permit.
6 Work Permit application matters for business sectors (including religious organisations & foreign missions) Work Permit for foreign worker
  • Appeals for rejected applications, revocations, transfer and quota related issues.
  • Documents for Work Permit applications.

    Note: The processing time is 21 days for religious organisations and foreign missions.
  • Application for change of business entity.
  • Supporting documents for declaration of business activity.
  • Request for change in business activity or 2nd CPF account.
9 Levy matters Work Permit

What should I do if I can't find the Request Type in the drop-down list?Show

Some Request Types have been converted to online forms. You should use one of the online forms below to submit your request to us.

Type Forms
1. Work Pass application matters (excluding Work Permit)
2. Update of pass holder's personal particulars or company information
3. EP Online and WP Online account matters
6. Work Permit Application Matters for Business Sectors (Including Religious Organisations & Foreign Missions)
7. Issuance & renewal matters
8. Cancellation matters
9. Levy matters

How to submit a document?Show

Ensure that you are authorised to submit the required information and documents.

To submit documents using iSubmit:

  1. Go to iSubmit.
  2. Fill in your particulars, e.g. salutation, name, email address, identification number, contact number, etc.
  3. Choose the Request Type from the drop-down list.
  4. Attach electronic or scanned copies of the documents you wish to submit.
    • The total size of the attachments must be under 5MB.
    • Scanned documents must be in PDF or JPG format.
  5. Fill in a Subject for your request, e.g. “Appeal for rejected Employment Pass application”.
  6. Fill in the message for your request.
  7. Check the Declaration checkbox if you have the proper authorisation.
  8. Click Submit to submit your request.

If you have submitted your request successfully, you will be directed to a webpage displaying your case Request ID number. You will also receive an email acknowledgement. Quote your Request ID number if you need to contact MOM.

If the Submit button is disabled, you need to wait until your file finishes uploading before you can click it. Your file has been uploaded when you see the filename next to the Attachment field.

What are the requirements for uploading documents?Show

Ensure that your scanned copies are clear and correct. If not, you may be asked to re-submit them.

The total size of the attachments should not exceed 5MB.

If you are submitting scanned documents, they must be in PDF or JPG format.

What if I have many pages or my document's file size is more than 5MB?Show

If you have many pages of documents or your documents are over 5MB in size, you need to submit them by post to:

Work Pass Division
Ministry of Manpower
18 Havelock Road
Singapore 059764

On the envelope, indicate the request type and types of documents.

How do I check the status of submitted documents?Show

You can’t track the status of the submitted documents.

However, after using iSubmit, you should receive an acknowledgement with an estimated processing time.

What are the browser requirements?Show

You can use the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11 and above
  • Google Chrome version 30 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox version 27 and above
  • Safari version 7 and above