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Medical examination for crane operators

From 1 April 2016, crane operators aged 50 years and above must go for periodic medical examinations. 

Why go for medical examination

Going for regular medical examinations will improve your employability by helping you to identify early signs of ill health.

This helps to prevent future health risks and allow you to remain in this profession for a longer time.

When to go

If you are applying to be a Crane Operator, you must go for medical examination before applying.

If you are renewing your Crane Operator licence, you must go according to the following schedule before your renewal:

Age Frequency
50 to 64 years Every 2 years
65 years and above Every year

What tests are done

There are a number of tests done. You can refer to the following medical forms for the list of tests.

For Crane Operators aged 70 years and above, you must go for additional tests:

  • Abbreviated mental test – to take together with the medical examination.
  • Clinical occupational therapist assessment – to take after passing the medical examination.