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CP cards for WSH professionals and Competent Persons

Competent Persons will get the new CP Card that is developed to raise the professionalism of MOM-registered Competent Persons and enhance the card's security and durability.

Since 5 November 2015, MOM have been issuing new certificate cards for Competent Persons (CPs) such as Workplace Safety and Health Officers (WSHOs), Designated Workplace Doctors and Authorised Examiners.

The new certificate card (CP Card) will replace the current laminated paper certificate, and will be issued in phases.

The current laminated paper certificate card will be phased out by 31 December 2017.

Improved features

The new CP card had been updated in its design and security features against potential forgery. It is made of PVC material for better durability and quality.

Its credit card size at 86mm by 54mm also makes it easy to be kept in wallets.

Sample CF card - front
Sample CF card - back

Who will get

The following are Competent Persons who will get the new CP card:

  • Authorised Examiners (Lifting Equipment) (AE-LE)
  • Authorised Examiners (Pressure Vessels) (AE-PV)
  • Crane Operators
  • Designated Workplace Doctors (DWDs)
  • Workplace Safety & Health Auditors (WSHAs)
  • Workplace Safety & Health Officers (WSHOs)

When to get

Competent Persons When to get new CP card
Approved AEs, DWDs and WSHAs By post. MOM will be sending out in phases between November 2015 to Jun 2016.

No action is required by existing certificate holders.
New AE, DWD and WSHA applicants By post upon approval of your application.
Approved WSHOs Upon your next successful renewal.
New WSHO applicants Upon approval of your application.
Approved Crane Operators Upon your next successful renewal.
New Crane Operator applicants Upon approval of your application.
Last Updated: 16 December 2015