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Regular inspections for Pressure Vessels

You need to engage an Authorised Examiner to conduct periodic tests on your Pressure Vessel to ensure the integrity of the vessel.

Your Pressure Vessel must be examined at regular intervals by an Authorised Examiner or MOM-authorised boiler inspector, as stipulated in the Workplace Safety and Health (General Provisions) Regulations.

The table below shows the types of pressure vessels, inspection intervals and types of inspections required:

Type of vessel Inspection interval Type of inspection
Steam boiler Every year Visual inspection and running tests.
Air receiver, steam receiver Every 2 years Visual inspection and running tests.
Autoclaves Every 2 years Visual inspection and running tests.
Autoclaves Every 6 years Visual examination on the surface of the external shell. The insulation must be removed completely.
All types Every 10 years At least one hydrostatic test and thickness gauging must be conducted to ensure the integrity of the Pressure Vessel.

A Steam boiler is defined as an Autoclave if it meets all of the following criteria:

  • It uses electricity as the only form of power.
  • It has a maximum steam volume of maximum 40 litres.
  • It has a safe working pressure of maximum 4 bars.
  • Water is fed manually at the start of the steam generation process. It must not be fed continuously from a potable water main.