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How do I prepare a Pressure Vessel for inspection?

Your Pressure Vessel must be examined at regular intervals by an Authorised Examiner or MOM-authorised boiler inspector. The type and frequency of inspection depends on the type of Pressure Vessel.

To prepare a Pressure Vessel for inspection:

  1. Remove it from service.
  2. Isolate and empty the vessel.
  3. Clean and dry the vessel.
  4. Ventilate and ensure it is fit for human entry.

Hydrostatic test and thickness gauging have to be conducted at intervals of 10 years. 

For steam receivers and packaged fire-tube steam boilers, remove the insulation once every 10 years to examine the external surface. The Authorised Examiner may also direct you to remove the insulation as needed.

If you are the owner of the Pressure Vessel and do not have the expertise to prepare it for inspection, you should engage a competent contractor.