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Cancel a Work Holiday Pass

You need to cancel your Work Holiday Pass immediately after you finished your stint under the Work Holiday Programme.

At a glance

When to cancel

You need to cancel a Work Holiday Pass immediately after you completed your employment in Singapore.

You can also cancel it before the end of its 6-month validity period.

Who can cancel Pass holder or appointed employment agent.
How long it takes Cancellation is immediate.


  • For an overview of scheduled flights, you can visit Changi Airport’s website or use the iChangi mobile app. Please check with the airlines directly to confirm if the flights are still operating.
  • You can issue a 30-day Short-Term Visit Pass (STVP) to allow the pass holder to stay in Singapore before departing. The pass holder must give the STVP to the immigration officer when leaving Singapore.
  • You can only re-apply for another Work Holiday Pass after 12 months from the day your previous one had expired, or was cancelled.

How to cancel


  1. Make an appointment to visit the Employment Pass Services Centre.
  2. Under Employment Pass holders & Dependants, choose Pass Issuance / Renewal / Cancellation.



You need to submit a request for us to cancel your pass.