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Eligibility for Miscellaneous Work Pass

The Miscellaneous Work Pass is for eligible foreigners on short-term work assignments, such as speakers at a seminar, religious workers or journalists.

Who is eligible

You are eligible to apply if you are:

  • A foreigner directly involved in, but not limited to, organising or conducting any seminar, conference, workshop or gathering that:
    • Relates directly or indirectly to any religious belief, or to religion generally.
    • Relates directly or indirectly to any race or community generally.
    • Is cause-related or directed towards a political end, including involvement as a speaker, moderator, facilitator or trainer.
  • A foreign religious worker giving talks directly or indirectly related to any religion.
  • A foreign journalist, reporter, or accompanying crew member not supported or sponsored by any Singapore Government agency to cover an event or write a story in Singapore.

You must also be sponsored by a Singapore-based organisation or society.


The Miscellaneous Work Pass lets you take on assignments of up to 60 days in Singapore. 

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