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What should I do if my certificate of registration as a WSH service provider was suspended?

Don't have sufficient number of personnel

You should check if you have sufficient number of personnel required for your registration as a WSH service provider.

If you don’t have sufficient number of personnel, you must:

  1. Log in to WSH eServices to add approved personnel required for your WSH service provider registration. Please check the minimum personnel required for your respective WSH service provider registration.
  2. Upload all supporting documents.
  3. (Optional) Log in to check your application status. Your certificate of registration will be restored when there are sufficient approved personnel.

For Approved Scaffold Contractors or Approved Crane Contractors

If you are an Approved Scaffold Contractor (ASC) or Approved Crane Contractors (ACC), you must do additional check whether your bizSAFE certification is still of active status.

If your bizSAFE certification has expired, you must:

  1. Renew your expired bizSAFE certification online at the WSHC website.
  2. Your CO’s approval will be restored automatically after obtaining an active bizSAFE certification. You don’t need to submit anything to MOM.

Other scenarios

If your case is none of the above scenarios, please contact us.