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Counter-Terrorism Seminar for Private Transport Industry

The inaugural Counter-Terrorism Seminar for Private Transport Industry was held on 28 May 2018.

The seminar helped the private transport industry to understand the importance in raising preparedness and resiliency against terrorism though:

  • Preparing the workforce
  • Protecting the workplaces
  • Partnering the community

Take a look at the seminar’s programme.

Counter-Terrorism Seminar for Private Transport Industry

Left to right: Mr Chen Guanliang - Correspondent, Singapore School and Private Hire bus Owners’ Association, Mr Gilbert Ulysses – Head of Safety, Security and Operational Resilience, DHL, Mr Tan Fang Qun - Director, Ops Group, Joint Operations Division, MOM, Mr Ang Hin Kee – Member of Parliament and Adviser to Ang Mo Kio GRC, Deputy Chairman for Government Parliamentary Committee (Transport), Mr Michael Tan – Division Director, Joint Operations Division, MOM, Ms Rosalind Sam - Assistant Director, Community Partnership Department, SPF.

Check out our Facebook post for more photos.

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Educational info

Download Description
SGSecure Guide for Workplaces Tips and resources to help raise your workplace preparedness against terror attacks.

Also available in Mandarin.
Run · Hide · Tell advisory What to do if there’s a terror attack.
Press » Tie » Tell advisory How to help stop bleeding by applying Improvised First Aid Skills (IFAS).
List of important organisations, services and authorities Useful contacts to get information and to sign up for courses on emergency response plans, business continuity and other training initiatives.
CEP implementation guide for employers Practical steps and initiatives that you can adopt to help you build a resilient and united workforce.

Also available in Mandarin.


Download Description
Crisis response team Organise your company’s crisis response team according to functions such as crisis communications, human resource, etc.
Call tree Provide an overall view of your company’s crisis communication plan by listing out the call chart and personnel involved.
Employees’ details List of employees’ particulars, such as next-of-kin details, emergency skills (e.g. CPR), drug allergies, etc.


Learning points from past terror attacks

Tips for preparedness