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The Workcare initiative was introduced in 2019 to improve the work environments of our essential services workers, and strengthen public appreciation for the work that they do.

Workcare Grant

The Workcare Grant aims to promote the provision of proper and reasonable rest areas for outsourced essential services workers.

This is in line with recommendations in the Tripartite advisory on the provision of rest areas for outsourced workers to improve their well-being.

Who is eligible

You are eligible for the Workcare Grant if:

  • You are a building owner.
  • You engage a third-party service provider to hire at least 10 outsourced essential services workers, such as cleaners, security officers and landscape maintenance workers.
  • The outsourced workers perform their work at your building premises.

What it comprises

The Workcare Grant has two tiers of funding support:

For You can get
Tier 1: Setting up a new rest area 80% of costs, up to $8,000
Tier 2: Improving an existing rest area 80% of costs, up to $3,000

How to apply

To apply:

  1. Download the application form at NTUC U-Care Centre’s website.
  2. Email the completed application form to

For more details, visit NTUC U-Care Centre’s website.

Improving essential workers' work environments and well-being

Workcare Pilot Study

As part of the Workcare initiative, MOM led a pilot study to understand the perspectives of service buyers, workers and other stakeholders, and design and test impactful interventions to improve the quality of workers’ rest and work.

Read more about the findings and recommendations.