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Onboard centre

All non-Malaysian male Work Permit holders from the Construction, Marine shipyard and Process (CMP) sectors and holding an in-principle approval (IPA) will undergo the residential onboarding programme at MOM’s Onboard centre for up to 4 days.

From 1 May 2022:

  • You should use the Onboard booking system to secure onboarding slots, prior to your workers' arrival.
  • PRC male Work Permit holders on IPA in the CMP sectors will also need to undergo the residential onboarding programme at the Onboard centre.
  • Workers at the Onboard centre will attend the Settling-in Programme (SIP). You do not need to register these workers for SIP at MWC Recreation Club @ Soon Lee.

At a glance

Where is it Onboard@Sengkang West
20A Seletar West Road 1, Singapore 798991
See detailed directions
Available services
  • Verification of overseas vaccination records, including serology testing
  • Enhanced medical examinations and vaccination
  • Settling-in Programme (SIP)
  • Issuance of TraceTogether token
Who is it for

All non-Malaysian male CMP Work Permit holders on IPA, including those from the following countries or regions:

  • People's Republic of China
  • Non-Traditional sources (NTS):
    • Bangladesh
    • India
    • Myanmar
    • Philippines
    • Sri Lanka
    • Thailand
  • North Asian sources (NAS):
    • Hong Kong
    • Macau
    • South Korea
    • Taiwan
How much it costs

$300 - $500 per worker

  • The fees shown are estimates and may be subject to changes. The services at the Onboard centre may also vary depending on the prevailing requirements.
  • Fees include cost of services, food and accommodation at the Onboard centre.
  • MOM will inform employers of the exact fees via email after your workers' arrival. If you don’t pay the required fees by the stipulated date, you may be charged interest.

Booking a slot at the Onboard centre

You will need to secure onboarding slots for the same dates as your workers' arrival. You should book a slot using the Onboard booking system at least 4 days prior to your workers' intended date of arrival. You are also advised to secure an onboarding slot first before confirming your workers' flight arrangements.

Ensure that your workers:

Onboard booking system

Booking a slot at the Onboard centre consists of two steps:

  1. Complete the Onboard booking declaration for your workers using the links for the respective Onboard centres below. You will need to log in using Corppass to access the declaration form.

    Do not close the browser window after submitting the declaration. You will need it for the next step.

  2. Click on another link shown on the declaration confirmation page to proceed with the booking of an Onboard slot for your workers.

All non-Malaysian male CMP Work Permit holders on IPA arriving in Singapore will undergo the residential onboarding programme at Onboard@Sengkang West.

Submit declaration to book a slot for non-Malaysian workers from:

When your Work Permit holders arrive in Singapore

You must arrange for transport to send your workers to the Onboard centre directly after they arrive in Singapore. For pick-ups by lorries or vans from Changi Airport Terminal 1 or 3, you can pick them up from the coach stand at the respective terminals.

Ensure that your workers carry the following when they are at the Onboard centre:

  • IPA letter - employee's copy (full set)
  • Printout of Onboard booking confirmation email
  • Documentary proof of vaccination
  • A working smartphone with a local SIM card, for your workers to download essential mobile applications

Residential onboarding programme

Your workers will undergo a residential onboarding programme at the Onboard centre for up to 4 days, which will include:

  • Verification of overseas vaccination records
  • Enhanced medical examinations
  • Settling-in Programme (SIP)
  • Vaccination, if required
On What will take place
Day 1

Employers to provide transport for workers to go to the Onboard centre directly after they arrive in Singapore. Workers will undergo an Antigen Rapid Test (ART) when they check in to the Onboard centre.

Day 2

Your workers will undergo verification of their overseas vaccination and an enhanced medical examination.

If your workers:

Your workers will be given:

  • First dose of vaccination if their serology result is negative.
  • Booster dose if they have completed their primary vaccination series and are eligible for a booster.
Day 3

Your workers will complete the SIP.

Your workers can check out from Onboard centre once they complete the onboarding programme. The Onboard centre's managing agent will email you the date and time to pick up your workers.

Late check-out or overstaying may incur additional charges that will be billed to your company.

If your workers need to be administered vaccination, they will stay an additional day at the Onboard centre and will check out on Day 4 of their arrival.

After your Work Permit holders leave Onboard centre

Download essential apps

You need to ensure your workers download and use these applications for health monitoring and contact tracing purposes:

  • FWMOMCare – To access telemedicine and scan QR code in their dormitory rooms.
  • SGWorkPass – To check if they can leave for work based on their AccessCode status.
  • TraceTogether – For vaccination status and contact tracing.

Getting your workers' Work Permit issued

  1. Your workers must complete the rest of the post-arrival procedures in the IPA letter within 14 days of arrival.
  2. You must get their Work Permit issued within 14 days of arrival.

Settling-in Programme

All non-Malaysian male CMP Work Permit holders on IPA will attend SIP, as part of the residential onboarding programme, at the Onboard centre. You do not need to register them for SIP with the Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) Recreation Club @ Soon Lee.

Medical examination to certify fit for work

You should receive your workers' medical examination report within 3 working days after they leave the Onboard centre. Some medical reports may take longer if there are results that require further review.

The email will be sent by the designated medical provider. It contains the completed medical examination report with clear indications on whether your workers are certified fit for work.

If you did not receive the report, check the "Junk mail" folder. If your worker's report is not ready and their IPA is expiring, you can request to extend it.

For more information, contact the medical service provider at Onboard@Sengkang West:
Bethesda Medical Centre
8783 8933 / 8783 9933

If your workers are eligible for the Primary Care Plan, the cost of the medical examination will be deducted from the charges for PCP.

If a follow-up examination is required
If there are abnormal findings (except colour vision), your worker will need to go for a follow-up examination. A referral memo will also be issued together with the medical examination report.

You need to:

  1. Download and print the undertaking letter provided in the email.
  2. Acknowledge the medical condition.
  3. Send your worker for their follow-up examination at the medical centre or designated clinics you have bought a Primary Care Plan with, based on your worker's residential address.

    You are strongly encouraged to book a follow-up appointment with the medical centres within the "To-see-you" (TCU) date on their referral memo, or within 3 months of their enhanced medical examination at Onboard centre.

  4. Sign the undertaking letter.
  5. Submit the undertaking letter using WP Online.