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Migrant Worker Onboarding Centre (MWOC)

All newly arrived non-Malaysian Work Permit holders (WPH) arriving on In-principle approval (IPA) from the Construction, Marine shipyard and Process (CMP) sectors entering Singapore from higher-risk countries / regions will be onboarded at the Migrant Worker Onboarding Centre.

At a glance

Who needs to go MWOC
  • All newly arrived non-Malaysian WPH on IPA, working in construction, marine shipyard and process sectors.
  • Entering Singapore from higher-risk countries / regions.
Where is it
Available services
  • Enhanced medical examinations
  • Settling-in Programme
  • Issuance of TraceTogether Token
  • (Only at MWOC @ Punggol) Biometric enrolment (e.g. fingerprints, photos) for work pass card registration

What is it

The MWOC is a one-stop onboarding centre that integrates Stay-Home Notice (SHN) with enhanced medical examination and the Settling-in Programme (SIP).

Worker's journey

From 6 October 2021, 2359hrs onwards:

Migrant worker groups

10-day SHN
4-day Onboarding programme at MWOC

Non-Malaysian Work Permit holders from CMP sectors holding IPA

SHN @ SHN Dedicated Facilities (SDF)
  • 10 days SHN
Onboarding @ MWOC
  • 4 days residential onboarding programme
    • Enhanced medical examination
    • SIP
    • (Only at MWOC @ Punggol) Biometric enrolment

CMP sectors

  • Malaysian Work Permit holders
  • Existing pass holders
  • All S Pass holders
SHN @ SHN Dedicated Facilities (SDF)
  • 10 days SHN

If your workers have tested positive for COVID-19 during the first 10 days of SHN, they will be conveyed to MWOC after they have been discharged from a Community Care Facilities (CCF) or hospital, depending on their condition. This applies only to workers required to do the onboarding programme.

Checking out from MWOC

As an employer, you must:

  • Arrange for transport to pick up your worker at the MWOC.
  • Arrange for place of stay after MWOC.

MWOC's managing agent will email you with instructions on the date and time to pick up your workers.

Late check-outs or overstaying may incur additional charges that will be billed to your company.

After leaving MWOC

Download essential apps

You need to ensure your workers download and use the essential applications for health monitoring and contact tracing purposes.

  • (For workers staying in dorms) FWMOMCare – To submit daily health status and scan QR code in their dormitory rooms
  • SGWorkPass – To check if they can leave for work based on their AccessCode.
  • TraceTogether app or token.

Registration for Settling-in Programme (SIP)

If your workers have completed their SIP at MWOC, you do not need to register for them to attend SIP at MWC @ Soon Lee Recreation Centre.

Workers on IPA

If your worker is on IPA:

  1. Your worker must complete the rest of the post-arrival procedures in the IPA letter within 7 days of completing their SHN.
  2. You must issue their work pass online within 7 days of completing SHN.

    Pass type Biometric registration Medical examination
    Non-Malaysian Work Permit holder

    MWOC @ Punggol
    workers do not need an appointment, if they’ve completed biometric enrolment.

    MWOC @ Eunos
    MWOC @ Tengah
    MWOC @ Choa Chu Kang
    workers need to make appointment for card registration at MOM Services Centre Hall C.
    Not required, if worker completed medical examination at MWOC.

    Malaysian Work Permit holder


    S Pass holder

    Make appointment for card registration at MOM Services Centre Hall C. Make appointment with a General Practitioner.
  3. 4 working days after we verified the documents, you will receive the Work Permit or S Pass card at the your given address.

Medical examination to certify fit for work

You should receive your worker’s medical examination report within 3 working days after they leave the MWOC. The email will be sent by the MWOC’s designated medical provider. It contains the completed medical examination report with clear indications on whether your worker is certified fit or unfit for work.

If a follow-up examination is required
If there are abnormal findings (except colour vision), your worker will need to go for a follow-up examination. A referral memo will also be issued together with the medical examination report.

You need to:

  1. Download and print the undertaking letter provided in the email.
  2. Acknowledge the medical condition.
  3. Choose the medical centre to send your worker for their follow-up examination:

    Workers staying in Where to go
    • CDPL Tuas Dorm
    • Tuas View Dorm
    • Sungei Tengah Lodge
    • Kranji Lodge 1
    • PPT Lodge 1B
    Regional Medical Centre at the same dorm.
    Other dormitories or residential properties Regional Medical Centre or MOM-designated GP Clinic closest to your worker’s place of stay.

    You are strongly encouraged to book a follow-up appointment with the medical centres within the “To-see-you” (TCU) date on their referral memo, or within 3 months of their enhanced medical examination at MWOC.

  4. Sign the undertaking letter.
  5. Submit the undertaking letter using WP Online.