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FAQs on onboarding arrangements

What to do when your workers arrive in Singapore and more info on their onboarding arrangements with effect from 1 April 2022.

I have submitted proof of acceptable accommodation for my worker to MOM, but have not received the pre-entry housing check approval. Can I bring my worker to the Onboard centre?Show

No, you must first obtain pre-entry housing check approval from MOM before you make a booking at the Onboard centre, and before you bring your worker to Singapore. Otherwise, your Onboard booking will be cancelled, and your company’s work pass privileges may be suspended.

Where do I go to submit documents for my worker’s pre-entry housing check?Show

Use this form to submit your documents for the pre-entry housing check. For more details, you may refer to pre-entry housing check for CMP Work Permit holders.

What should I do if my worker did not attend the Onboard programme or I did not book a slot for them? Show

Proceed to book the next available onboard slot for your worker. You may send your worker to the Onboard centre once you have secured a slot.

If my worker arrives on a different date from the confirmed Onboard slot date or he does not have a confirmed slot, can he still enter the Onboard centre?Show

Your worker may not be allowed into the Onboard centre due to operational constraints. You will need to arrange to pick them up and have them return on the same day as their confirmed Onboard slot.

Is there a specific time for my worker to report at the Onboard centre?Show

The reporting time is based on your workers' arrival time. You must send your workers directly to the Onboard centre after they clear immigration.

What modes of transport can I use to send my workers to the Onboard centre?Show

When picking up your workers from their point of entry (such as the airport) and sending them to the Onboard centre, you can use:

  • Your own private transportation
  • Taxis
  • Private hire vehicles

Do not use public transportation, such as the MRT or buses, to transport your workers.

How do I know if the Onboard centre invoice I received is legitimate?Show

The invoice will include a list of pass holders who went through the Onboard centre. You may check the workers' names and FINs registered under your company against the invoice.

If you are still unsure, please contact us.

Why am I charged different Onboard centre fees for my workers?Show

Your Onboard centre fee depends on:

  • The number of nights your worker stayed at the Onboard centre
  • Whether your worker requires additional services such as serology testing

Can I pay Onboard centre fees in instalments or request for a payment extension? Show

You are required to make payment in full by the due date stated on the invoice. There are no options for instalment payment or extended grace period for date of payment.

We advise you to consider and plan for the overall costs of hiring workers before bringing them into Singapore. You may be charged a late payment fee of 7.7% per annum on the amount due, if you did not make payment by the due date stated in the invoice.

How much Goods and Services Tax (GST) will I be charged for Onboard centre stays before and after 1 January 2023?Show

GST of 7% will be charged until 31 December 2023. To help businesses cope with the GST increase, there will be no increase in GST charges for Onboard centre fees from 1 January to 31 December 2023.

Can I use existing GIRO arrangements to pay for Onboard centre fees?Show

You will not be able to use an existing GIRO arrangement with MOM to pay for Onboard centre fees.

Find out how to pay for Onboard centre fees.