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Work Permit (Foreign Domestic Worker) - Inform MOM

Foreign Domestic Worker Going on Home Leave

Before the foreign domestic worker leaves Singapore, the employer should check with the worker's embassy on immigration requirements. It is recommended that checks are done ahead so as to ensure that the worker can clear the immigration at ease on her return. Please make sure that she brings along the Work Permit card and passport.

Employer can also cancel the worker’s permit. If you choose to do that, you will need to complete a Work Permit application before the worker returns to work.

Foreign Worker Levy

The employer should continue to pay the foreign worker levy while the foreign domestic worker is away on home leave.

When the worker returns to Singapore, the employer can apply to waive the levy either:

Bring along the worker’s passport or boarding passes for verification. The waiver of levy should be applied within a year from the end of the month in which the levy was paid.

Returning to Singapore

The foreign domestic worker must produce her Work Permit card and passport to re-enter Singapore after home leave.

Failure to return to Singapore

If the foreign domestic worker fails to return to Singapore following her home leave, cancel the Work Permit immediately to cease the levy liability.

Upon confirmation that the worker has departed and not re-entered Singapore, the employer will be discharged of his/her liabilities under the security bond.

To prove that the worker has left Singapore, please keep a copy of the travel ticket or a record of her departure itinerary. Should the worker re-enter Singapore before the security bond has been discharged, please arrange to send her home immediately. Otherwise the security bond may be forfeited.

Last updated on 27 June 2013 11:42:06